More concrete

Another very successful day’s work, with all 170 on the down side of Boundary Track clipped up by lunch time.

After lunch we made a start on inserting sleepers on the UP side of the crossing, with a very respectable 60 inserted and fully clipped up.

There’s only about another 100 concretes sleepers to go into this straight until we begin on the next.

Hopefully early next week they’ll all be under the track down to curve 8, with boundary trk crossing itself due to be resleepered around midweek.

We’ve run out of pads for the sleepers but hopefully the delivery will arrive this coming week, otherwise we’ll simply forge ahead removing fastenings in tangent 7-8 in preparation.

We’re certainly making excellent use of no train running to maximise on preparing for the upcoming re-railing and generally catching up on maintenance.

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