Castlemaine project – loco shed update

Loco Shed construction at Castlemaine has continued relatively unaffected by the COVID-19 restrictions.

DSC_0101 1 Apr 20

The Loco Shed is currently being erected by the contractor with all the frame up, roof on and cladding being progressively installed.


The 4m wide side annexes finish up against the retaining wall installed earlier by the gang


The size of the new shed can be seen, when compared to the original sheds servicing pits seen at the rear of the photo.


The western annex will eventually provide extensive room for consumables storage, a compressor room, and storage of some tools and equipment required for running maintenance.

We expect handover from the contractor in mid April, ready for us to continue with essential fit out prior to gaining formal certificate of occupancy.

One thought on “Castlemaine project – loco shed update

  1. Wow. Great to see something really positive for the future, especially in these times. Look forward to when we can all see it in person.
    Tony L


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