Turntable – Complete

It looks a million dollars… And it works perfectly!

Today was all about fastening down the timber to the table and installing the locking mechanisms.

We don’t like to brag but how snazzy does this look!

We couldn’t have got the locking blocks more central if we tried, they are perfect and align the rails exactly, no matter how the table is turned.

We’ve now got a system of belts and braces securing the rails and locking blocks.

The cut outs in the timber will prevent any wayward movement should movement occur, however the fastenings have all been installed into tight fit holes, therefore requiring significant decay of the timber before things can get floppy.

This should easily see 30 years of service, if not more.

A lovely job, even if we do say so ourselves.

We’re now back to our railway, with some small jobs at Castlemaine happening tomorrow, meeting Maldon 8am or Castlemaine from 10am.

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