Rails and Ballast

Today’s work was trimming and drilling 80lb rail at Muckleford.

50 rails had been laid out last week, ready for attention.

The rail clamp for the saw.

However the saw works much better once it’s fitted up with a new cutting disc.

Giving us lots of little bits of rail! Good for doorstops but unfortunately not much else.

The rail drill does a marvelous job.

However likewise it works best with a sharp bit. It’s a little more specialised, so Bazz got drafted in to do the sharpening.

These rails will soon be out at Tangent 20-21.

Meanwhile our digger was still over at Bullarto, completing the ballast spreading and final tamping.

We ended up with a very tidy and smart looking job and in typical Daylesford weather… All in the rain.

While over there, we helped them clear out a few blocked drains, quite a job in their heavily forrested areas.

Our few days over at Daylesford has helped them to return trains to Bullarto this Sunday. It’s nice to help out another railway, but it’ll be nice to get the digger back into action on our railway next week.

Tomorrow will be part 2 of our six monthly track inspection, Maldon to Muckleford. Meeting Maldon at 8am.

One thought on “Rails and Ballast

  1. Rail Off-cuts:

    As well as doorstops, smaller pieces could be used for paper weights, bookends etc. I would like to suggest that these ‘scrap items’ could be suitably prepared for sale in the Castlemaine shop as an additional source of revenue.
    Many years ago I acquired several pieces of flat rail, which I have found immensely useful for glueing, stacking etc. on various projects around the home.


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