The past two days we’ve been over helping out the Daylesford Spa Country Railway.

We started off in a bitterly cold Daylesford replacing 3 point timbers.

Before moving to Bullarto to do some more of the same.

The main reason for our visit however, was to help them out with distributing ballast along their newly built track in Bullarto yard and tamping up the nice new turnout.

Our trusty digger being ideally suited to this.

The spreading of the ballast, all done with the digger, left the job looking very smart.

Followed by a pass with their production tamper, leaving it looking quite smart. We’re hoping this beast will spend some time tamping our railway over the coming months as part of our track upgrade works.

The digger will be there again tomorrow to finish off the ballasting now the tamping is complete. Plus another couple of odd jobs.

However our regular Thursday gang will still be running, preparing more 80lb rail at Muckleford (already nicely laid out ready for drilling and cutting).

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