Curve 11

Another big day, with 116 concrete sleepers inserted into curve 11.

It started out as a very chilly, frosty day, turning to drizzle as the day went on.

All the concretes had been distributed alongside earlier in the week, the sleepers to be changed marked up and we even managed to get a bit of a head start by removing a few screws.

Malcolm preparing the trolley mounted rattle gun, which only 5 minutes later failed!

Leaving Clive to lug around the other gun manually.

Following close behind was the excavator, undertaking the 50mm lift.

We had 11 more sleepers than were needed for the curve, so we just continued on into the straight, meaning a few dog spikes required removal.

Sleepers under and jewellery dropped out ready for clipping up.

Tamping up the recently inserted sleepers to make the clipping up process much easier.

The scarifier and excavator spent most of the day in tandem, almost perfectly synchronized by the end of the day.

The all important lunch. The weather today was intermittent… However without fail everytime we sat down for a cuppa it rained!

Will, Rolf and John very closely observing the fastening on this particular sleeper.

It’s a slight variation, whereby a different style of plastic biscuit is installed upside down in place of our manufactured biscuits, with a piece of flat bar placed on top for the pandrol clip to fasten onto. We think it’ll be a good alternative when we run out of old steel sleeper lugs.

And by days end we’d clipped up well over half the sleepers, leaving only a few hours work to finish off tomorrow. We’ll also make a start on bundling and strapping up the reusable timber removed. Meeting at Maldon 8am or on site from 8.30am.

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