Another pile in

After propping and jacking the beams for the next pile, it was swiftly removed and final measuring and fitting of the whalers to the new pile took place.

The sill was in excellent condition, so we chose not to disturb it any further.

Only a couple of bolts to go and it was ready to be lifted in. Rolf and Trevor are measuring the bolt length required, as we typically cut allthread for these situations.

And in no time, the pile was in and back filling underway.

While all that was going on Rolf took to the task of drilling holes to secure yesterday’s new pile, a big auger and a very robust drill are essential in this well seasoned timber.

Once drilling and bolting through the cross heads was complete, the drilling of new holes for the angle brackets was undertaken (things were a bit further apart as the new pile has a much wider tongue).

This can often be a painful and time consuming task, but with some clever thinking and well marked out holes, this one went together perfectly.

We have bolted the cross heads for today’s pile, but will adjust some beam missalignment next week before finish off the angle brackets.

Bridge work is on again all of next week and any extra hands are welcome.

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