Tangent 15-16

It’s done! After another stunning day’s work, we felt very proud. We’ve now got 80lb rail from Muckleford yard, all the way to the end of curve 20 with no bits of 60lb at all! Only the long straight to go in this half of the line.

We got into an excellent swing early this morning and despite it warming up a bit, we managed to keep up an excellent pace, with all 12 rails completely installed before 2pm.

We had to cut a shortish closure rail to join up with the crossing, but had a left over odd length perfect for the job.

We got into a great system today, for some reason it seemed even better than usual, but we did actually have a few extra hands.

Some final lifting to remove the dip off the crossing (built in on purpose when the crossing was rebuilt and joined to the 60lb) was the only major task for the afternoon. It looks excellent now, a really impressive piece of track.

We even found the time to sort all the old jewellery from this straight into drums or onto pallets, which means final cleanup will be a breeze.

Tomorrow is a get ready day for the big big week next week, 8am at Maldon.

We’re replacing almost 200 sleepers between Rowe St and Castlemaine Station all of next week, so any extra hands would be greatly appreciated. From 7am till we decide its too hot each day.

One thought on “Tangent 15-16

  1. An excellent achievement by all concerned.
    I have enjoyed these updates on the progress being made. Whilst i am in Melbourne and am time poor, its a true testament to the desire and planning/execution of these milestones that is to be marveled at.
    Will try and manage a trip up to partake in this advancement in the lines ride quality asap.

    A very well done indeed.


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