Rail preparation

The day, although dedicated to 80lb rail preparation, started off with the unloading of around 130 steel sleepers. The sleepers were collected yesterday from our good friends at Healesville, the Yarra Valley Railway. They were surplus to their requirements and we have jumped at the opportunity.

You’ll likely see some pics of the YVR in the coming year as by way of thanks for this and all their help in getting the concrete sleepers we plan on helping their railway out where possible as they start off their re-laying to Yarra Glen. It’s always good to help out other railways where we can, we’re all in it together!

We arrived at Muckleford perfectly in time for the weather to turn very wet! But thankfully the digger was able to keep busy doing lots of tidying up and stacking of short rails.

While the gang watched on from the shelter of the goods shed.

Before too long a break in the clouds meant back to work, with 28 rails prepared and loaded in between the showers and thunderstorms.

The other big news for today was we have now technically ‘used’ the recently refurbished QR wagon! We’ve stacked on 7 pallets of sleeper plates, ready for our next re-railing job. It’ll be an extremely useful wagon for moving around these items, as it’s the only vehicle we’ve got with a flat floor! Check out the mechanical blog for details of its restoration – VGR Mechanical Blog

Tomorrow’s weather is also a little shaky but should be manageable, so we’ve changed plans and we’ll start at tangent 15-16 bolting up rails, before heading back to Muckleford to prepare more 80lb rail. Meet Maldon 8am

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