Last two days

The past two days have been very odd jobsy days.

Yesterday started out by cleaning up all our piled up jewellery beside the line. This is all from our recent re-railing efforts.

The items were sorted into drums, making re-use, storage or disposal much easier.

With all hands on deck, the team raced through the piles in the bush. Overall looking a much tidier line-side.

Some scrap and various items around Muckleford were also picked up, to help clean up for Mucklefest, which is this weekend so why not check it out. Details on the VGR website.

The dreaded job of dog spike sorting took us up to lunch. It’s hard work fishing the spikes out of piles like this, but we have filled two drums, which will well and truly cover our next re-railing effort.

The typical lunch ritual took place in Castlemaine, finding any shade available. The sun’s certainly starting to show its strength with hats and sunscreen now an essential.

Our trip into Castlemaine wasn’t just for lunch, it was to complete the cleaning up along the platform that we hadn’t quite finished Monday.

Lots of exciting shovel work here from the gang, but the end result certainly looks very presentable.

The digger was aiding where possible, however it unfortunately isn’t the neest close to the rail as damage to the fastenings and sleepers is possible, hence the shovel work in those areas.

The last 80 years of built up debris along the platform edge was starting to get a bit overwhelming. So delicately scooping it out with the bucket has brough the levels back to where they should. Unfortunately no one ever sees down there, except for us.

Today’s efforts were all focused around distributing more concrete sleepers at curves 8 and 9. This took up the majority of the day, with about 175 sleepers dropped out.

This view is from the Y along the train on the way to the drop out.

Next week will be back into re-sleepering with concrete. Hopefully completing curve 9. Tuesday will be a workday in preparation for this, as we learn from last time a lot could be done to speed up the process. Meeting Maldon 8am

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