Half day

We managed to fit in just over half a day today, before the rain came.

We spent the morning preparing more 80lb rail, 29 lengths in fact, to complete tangent 14-15.

Here Rolf, Tony and Trevor are drilling rails, today was mainly drilling with only 2 cuts needed. It varies depending on the stacks, but overall there should be as much drilling as cutting required based on how the rails were cut for transport.

The camera isn’t quite showing the sky as dark as it was, however we knew by the dark sky from mid morning that the rain was coming.

The wagons with their rails loaded, the chance was also taken to stack the shorter lengths, now giving us room to stack and sort some turnouts we recently retrieved from Dynon.

The neat stack of short lengths (and odd bits). This is likely to become a fairly permanent fixture at Muckleford, our other piles are diminishing rapidly.

All the short rail should comfortably sit in one pile, being available as required over the next few years, likely to find its way into yards during upgrades and works.

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