2 Road Maldon

Well today was a bit different, we tackled a long overdue project in Maldon. We moved number 2 road away from the platform around 8 to 12 inches.

Over time and after various works over the years, 2 road was sitting slightly too close to 1 road, this couple with the lean that was begining to form on 2 road was meaning the clearance for rolling stock was down to just a few inches.

Before destruction had begun.

Initially a narrow trench was dug along the sleeper ends, to allow the track to move.

Then using the excavator we simply pulled the track across to an approximate final location.

You can see just how far the sleepers moved in the pic above, the fresh fill at the ends has been placed in the hole to prevent the track moving back.

After lots of tweaking and lining the track was in a position we were happy with, happy enough to begin to lift the dips out at least.

Before we could go much further, 16 failed sleepers that didn’t survive the move were replaced, not a bad number really, we had anticipated twice that.

After a quick back fill of the trench, a tamp was undertaken, lifting out the massive 4 inches of crossfall.

Overall it looks and rides much better, but time just ran out to get the last tweaking done, with a couple of hours to finish off needed in the morning.

We’re a bit low on numbers tomorrow, so if you’re interested in helping out, please join us from 8am at Maldon.

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