Lots of excitement!

Well we’ve started a new contract job, this time in Bendigo at the old Railway Workshops.

The job requires a new turnout and some plain track to reconnect a road in the shed.

The view above shows the early stages of excavating the fill for the new turnout, with lots more pics to follow tomorrow.

Mean while on the VGR, bolt tightening and checking was back on the cards.

Clive showing off his strength, here tightening a bolt in one of the 80lb sections, these have now settled in and were in need of a tighten.

The trusty Jack spanner in use here.

This pic shows the end product that we’re after, firm nuts that just compress the spring washers, this allowing contraction and expansion of the rail.

This washer, although still probably doing a fine job was broken and therefore replaced. Any little jobs like this were attended to by the gang.

Malcolm and Clive getting ready to grab spanners and tighten.

Malcolm doing the hardest job of the day, driving the truck!

The gang will be out again tomorrow, this time adjusting rail anchors near boundary track crossing and clearing blockages from the drains. Feel free to come along and help out. Meeting 9am at Boundary Track Crossing.

A last pic to show the stunning sunrise as captured in Maldon’s main street this morning, every morning this time of year is quite magic.

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