Odd Jobs

Today saw lots of little odd jobs taken care of.

We started by trimming some self sown Gum Trees that were completely blocking the view at the Walmer Road Crossing. It really was becoming a major safety issue watching the traffic tear through the crossing unable to see oncoming trains.

These pics aren’t strictly of the works but they do show the glorious weather we had.

We managed to open up quite a wide window of visibilty here, previously it was completely blocked by foliage.

Rolf topping up the oil in one of our chainsaws.

The cleanup and trimming process of a felled tree.

We have placed the material beside the bike path, with the view to burning off before summer to really clean up the area.

After that episode some exciting time was spent bolt tightening near Bendigo Road, all part of the ongoing maintenance!

In the afternoon we headed back to Muckleford to tend to some missing, broken and loose bolts in the yard there.

This particular broken bolt proved very stubborn, but we got it!

Tomorrow we will be working around Castlemaine applying some rail anchors where required, so feel free to join us from 9am at the big red shed in Castlemaine.

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