Bolts in Castlemaine

Over the past months we’ve focused heavily on bolt tightening as well over 60% of our fish bolts were loose. That number is now much lower, at around 10% which is why we’ve turned our latest bolt tightening exercise to Castlemaine Yard.

Here Norm and Will tighten bolts in turnout number 43, once we really started looking we discovered that not only the plain track required tightening but so did the many turnout bolts.

And what’s a day without breaking something! He Rolf reassembles the pull cord on one of the rattle guns, having pulled out and not returned.

And here’s Will only minutes later having inflicted the other rattle gun with the exact same injury!

Thankfully the team is fairly savvy with these things and we were back in business in no time.

No matter how many working rattle guns you’ve got, sometimes a spanner is all you can use! (or watch being used as is more the case here)

While in the yard we made use of the tools to re-gauge some joints which had become loose and begun to widen. Malcolm demonstrates his brute strength driving home a few dog spikes, occasionally it’s nice to keep the old skills alive.

The point rodding to turnout no. 28 was slightly buried and unsupported causing unnecessary friction with the ground, so the gang re-installed the angle bracket which had been re-moved during works some years ago. They also dug out around the rodding, clearing weeds and dirt accumulated over the years.

Our new gate at the north of the yard decided to drop, making it impossible to open and close, some 5 minutes was spent adjusting the hinges tonight on our way out, works like a charm now.

Nothing too exciting is planned for tomorrow as forecasts aren’t predicting favourable weather, however if you are interested, Will will be at Maldon at 8 and depending on conditions we’ll find plenty to keep us busy.

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