Bridge Approaches

Today we tackled the long running wiggles and dips either side of farmers bridge.

Until fairly recently ballast had been falling from the ends of the bridge to beneath, due to insufficient solid material to retain the rock, however that was rectified some months ago by inserting some old 60lb rail to fill the voids permanently.

At the time we didn’t have any ballast on hand, but now that we do (still not much unfortunately!) we thought it was well overdue for a top up and a good lift and line.

The pics below show the newly ballasted and lined track. All nicely regulated and looking quite smart!

The line is still not dead straight, but that will be rectified when it comes to re-railing this section, however for the VGR’s needs this is perfect.

We put a lot of effort into building what we could of a ballast shoulder, to prevent track movement, a contributing cause to the previous movement.

While we were out we also lifted a bit of settled track on the UP side of Walmer Rd bridge as well topping up the ballast at the ends of Muckleford Creek Bridge followed by a quick tamp.

We’ll be back on deck after a well earned Easter break, with the rest of Curve 16 in our sights for the first week in April.

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