Re-railing part 2

Today saw the 26 length of 80lb inserted and fastened down in curve 16. Unfortunately today weather wasn’t so kind, getting very hot and sticky by the arvo.

A couple of pics of the job with the rails bolted together, plated and awaiting gauging and spiking.

We’re almost done by this stage, all but a few of the joints spiked down, the spiking machine in the foreground awaiting its next job while Rolf wanders up to start the joint spiking.

And of course a competed view towards Maldon! We’ve still got around 25 more rails to insert in this leg, which will occur in a fornights time.

2 thoughts on “Re-railing part 2

  1. Dear Bruce, great pictures of some good work you boys have done, looks bloody hot & dusty though, (so writes another whinging pomme that doesn’t envy you there mate !). Anyway, I found myself on your page because I Googled “Hydraulic Track Gauge Adjusters” and I wondered if you could send the details of where you got your one, (the one in the pictures); please ? I know Geismar UK supply them here, but your one looks like it’s double-acting, where the Geismar isn’t. I’d be really grateful of any info that you have, & if-so, please send to
    Many thanks & best regards,
    Les Radcliffe.


    1. Hi Les, amazing what a Google Search brings up sometimes! I’ll shoot you an email with the details. Thanks for checking out our blog though.


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