New Year

Well it’s 2018 and we’re back into it!

We’ve already had our slashing contractors back for a second cut this season – unseasonal rains to thank for that.

We’ve undertaken lots of much needed maintenance and servicing on our civil equipment.

We’ve even completed what we think might be a first… installing a steel sleeper on 60lb rails using pandrol clips!

Rolf is pictured here with the sleeper and our new e clip applicator and pan setter (for holding up the sleeper in the correct position)

As 60lb rail (in our case 60D) has a narrower foot than the 80lb these clips are designed for, a ‘biscuit’ was required on the outside of the rail to hold the rails to correct gauge.

Biscuits are used on Concrete sleeper applications, so are very obtainable, cheap and work perfectly to hold the correct gauge!

This immediately provides us with much more opportunity to use our steel sleepers as the old style fittings are cumbersome and in very short supply.

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