Engine Inspection Pits – Castlemaine Redevelopment Project

With the new pit edging timbers on hand, today saw the start of work to remove the old timbers and prepare the site for the new.

The Pits, already excavated some 10 years ago had become quite overgrown and the area around quite uneven.

Partway through the work, removing the old timbers and scraping off the built up ground.

While removing the rails still in place over one of this pits we found these small ramps fitted to the very end of the rail. Presumably a safeguard against wheels finding their way off the end of the rail and into the back of the shed.

A view from the excavator of the scraping works.

A view of the site. A good day’s work, with not only the area scraped and old timbers gone but the pits have also been dug cleaned out by hand, to remove the small amount of dirt and vegetation which had made its way in during the past 10 years. The old timber securing nuts & bolts are still in place and in surprisingly good condition, all have been wire brushed and coated in penetrene to hopefully aid in their removal and possible reuse.

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