Today was yet another extremely successful day, with another 425m of rail installed.

It was all very standard stuff, with the slight difference of using the little digger, nothing wrong with the big digger, it’s just temporary required elsewhere.

The final 8 lengths of 80lb to reach Boundary Track seemed to be installed in almost record time, just after morning tea.

So, with such a strong head start, knocking over through Boundary Track itself was the only natural next step!

Before long, the down leg had been installed through the roadway, and the closure was cut back into the 60lb.

A long time readers of this blog might remember we did ourselves a big favour in this crossing some years ago, when we re-sleepered it with concrete, this made it a very easy job today.

Both rails through the roadway are now 80lb, all secured up, backfilled and open for road traffic again… whenever that may be, in all our years the only cars most of us have ever seen there are us out working nearby, but a few cyclists and walkers make good use of it.

We’ve still got a fair amount to come back and complete, however, it’s now in a much better state of health. As such, we’ll continue working on down the hill next week.

Tomorrow’s crew will be a little smaller than usual, however, it’ll focus on dropping out fishplates, bolts and generally preparing for Tuesday’s gang to knock out another good few lengths. Meeting at Boundary Track from 8.30am

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