Bridge Work

Well we’ve begun our bridge work for 2023, with our first task being the digging out of the settled pile by the down end of Muckleford Creek Bridge.

The issue was found to quite simply be the wailers at the base of the pile had failed, however the pile is in excellent condition and the sill is still quite serviceable. We did discover this appears to be due to fungal attack, another enemy of timber bridges!

As such, Thursday’s task will be to remove the pile and old sill, renew the wailers and sill, with suitable fungal treatment, to prevent a recurrence. It was nice to see, however, no evidence at all of termite activity.

Thursday’s gang will meet at Maldon at 8am then out on site at Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.15am.

Tidy up and Bridge Work

Today saw us tidy up around Castlemaine and tamp most of the recent work.

We’ve got a few point timbers yet to squeeze up, which will be Monday’s task, before we take the excavator through to Muckleford for Bridge Work.

This afternoon saw the start of our 2023 Bridge program, with the relevant bolts associated with the first planned works loosened and prepared for removal next week.

Tomorrow’s gang will continue with this task from Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.30am tomorrow.

Castlemaine Yard

Tuesday was a productive day, with another good few sleepers installed into 4 road and a couple of point timbers installed into the double compound.

To make inserting the timbers into the compound easier, we removed a rail from 5 siding, using pandrol clips makes this a very easy task. We still had to remove sleepers from 4 siding and then bring the timbers in and out through there, however comparatively easy to going under 2 tracks.

We’ve still got a good amount of tidy up to go and all of this still needs a tamp, however tomorrow should see all of that completed.

Tomorrow’s gang will meet at Castlemaine from 8.30am.