Muckleford Creek

Back down at Muckleford Creek Bridge this week, with the final 2 steel crossheads now installed.

Earlier this week the old crossheads were removed and the steel replacements inserted.

The use of the telehandler and man basket has certainly improved things enormously!

By day’s end it was all fastened up, props out and looking very smart.

The appearance does change slightly with the steel, however it really does take more than a glance to notice them.

The other main job for today was the levelling and jacking of the track near the down end, by the pile we lifted out its settlement a few weeks back.

Unfortunately the digger broke, so it was loose shovel packing of the ballast today, incase we can’t get the digger ready for trains next Wednesday! We’ll be right, but this is a good extra layer of insurance.

Tomorrow gang will be ongoing at the Bridge, fixing a few holes in the decking and the like, getting it ready for the final push on Tuesday, ready for Wednesday’s Trains.

3 thoughts on “Muckleford Creek

  1. Hi, I noticed that you didn’t show any photos showing any vertical angle from the beam to new steel crossheads? Are they fitted? You are all doing a GREAT job.


    1. Hi Michael, the vertical angles are yet to be refitted, that’ll occur over the next couple of weeks, we’ll set up a bit of a production run of them now the crossheads are in, until then train speeds will be kept heavily restricted.


  2. One day I would like to see V Line run one of their Velocities to Maldon. It would be a great endorsement of the work you’ve done improving the track. Fantastic effort.


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