Today was our first ever crack at installing a steel crosshead. And on the whole, it’s simpler than timber, with a lot less stuffing about required.

We had previously predrilled the steelwork and that made the task extremely simple.

As they were significantly bigger than the existing timber crossheads, new pile shoulders needed to be cut, that is a little fiddly, however a small inconvenience for something that then went together with no hassles.

We forgot to get a picture of the finished product all bolted up, however at a glance it doesn’t look overly different to the timber, and a closer look does make it look like a very impressive lump of bridge.

Although there are plenty of examples of this in use in other locations, it’s a first for us and as such this is a trial so we can evaluate the effectiveness, issues associated and ongoing maintenance obligations. We’ll be doing two other sets of crossheads in the same fashion this year, which will give us an excellent scope to determine the suitability of this method.

This, as with all things timber these days, is us exploring alternatives, given the extreme price and low availability of suitable timber, it’s only initiatives such as these that will see us in a position to maintain these bridges going forward, we’re quietly confident this will be a success.

On a side note, Will’s taking some time off for a minor surgery of a shoulder injury, so the communication may be a little hap-hazard for the next few weeks. Please bear with us!

However, the plan is still very much workdays at Muckleford Creek Bridge every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, meeting there from 8.30am. A few extra drivers might be needed to bring both trucks out from Maldon on Fridays however, any help there will be greatly appreciated.

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