Castlemaine Yard

We changed another 16 sleepers today (yesterday’s count was in fact 32). However today’s were all concrete and 1 point timber.

We’ve also tamped everything from yesterday and had a thorough tidy up, including a rough scrape of the ballast/dirt through the platform. It still needs a bit of a blow to tidy it up, but today’s wind and hot sun made us feel like we could probably hang off until next week for that.

We’ve installed 8 concrete sleepers between the catch points and the mainline turnout in 4 Road and a further 7 down in 3 siding. We’ve also replaced the timber under the heel block of the catch points in 4 road.

We’re making quite good progress around the Yard here, with only another 35 odd sleepers and 5 point timbers to go to complete this year’s program there.

We’ll be back at Castlemaine on Tuesday, with the plan being to do a few more sleepers in 4 road. Meeting there from 8.30am.

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