Castlemaine Loco

The first work day of 2022 has seen us back in at the depot in Castlemaine, with the east road of the loco shed now all tamped up and, ballast tidied up, ready to store some locos on.

We had to drag everything out of the shed to complete our works, and we suspect it’ll be a long time before we see it this empty again!

We spent the afternoon (but forgot to get pictures), trimming foliage along the turntable road. Using a polesaw and a moveable work platform (that looked suspiciously like a GY wagon), we were able to trim back sufficiently to now have nothing too close to the rolling stock as it passes through, much improved. We’ve even stacked all the trimmings into the GY for delivery to a suitable location to dispose of.

Thursday and Friday this week, we’ll be meeting at Castlemaine from 8.15am, where we’ll be renewing sleepers around the platform area. Meeting up at the Castlemaine Depot however, so we can bring down the equipment.

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