Walmer Road Preparations

We had a very successful, but pictureless, day today.

Fuelling all the vehicles and loading the last of the items that’ll be needed for Thursday and Friday, before we headed our on site to remove the signal cable and pull through a draw wire under the road, tamp up a few little dips nearby and get all the sleepers stockpiled nearby ready for use.

We’ve prepared as much as we now can without actually pulling up track, so much so that after lunch we even moved onto other tasks, such as replacing 4 failed timber sleepers nearby and dragging the last of the long lengths of 94lb rail from Muckleford Yard across the crossing, meaning any damage caused will only be there another day (the damage to the asphalt was only a minor mark however!)

It’s shaping up to be a fairly straight forward task on Thursday, a small group of us will be meeting at Maldon at 7am on Thursday, with everyone else meeting on site at Muckleford from 7.30am, ready for a 7.40ish start. Parking will be in the fenced area of Muckleford Yard, well off the access road, as we’ll have quite a few trucks and diggers running up and down there as the day goes on.

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