Maldon Yard

Today the Down end 3 Road turnout at Maldon received some attention.

We had one timber to replace from some months back when we put the air and water lines in, however while there, we decided to do a proper job and replace a few more. 6 were replaced in total, a combination of new and 2nd hand.

We also replaced a broken rail, unfortunately in these old turnouts, the rails are so worn that breaks occur very easily, thankfully we have none like this in the mainline any longer, there just relegated to the depths of Maldon Yard.

We also managed to fit in some drainage works, which will hopefully stop the water pooling in the area like it has been.

The exact details of Thursday’s workday are yet to be determined, however it’ll likely be a day down at Muckleford preparing for the Wamer Road Crossing Rebuild.

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