Ticking things off the list

The majority of the list of to dos following yesterday’s track walk are now complete. The first being the abutment at Muckleford Creek, where 2 buckets of rock were applied and compacted in, while another couple of buckets of dirt were used to shore up the sheeting to ensure it doesn’t settle too much further.

While down by the creek, we removed and filled a bit of rock and scour to ensure an unweary vehicle driver coming to grief while crossing the stream.

The big old bridge pile hole took about 1/2 a bucket of gravel to fill, with lots of ramming from the digger to fill any big voids, it seems to have solidify nicely.

4 sleepers were replaced between Pipeline Crossing and Bendigo Rd, with that removing the gauge faults.

We’ve only got two major faults remaining, both of which are easy fixes and we’ll get onto them next week, one at Muckleford and one in Castlemaine Yard. Almost all the minor faults were also corrected today (mainly bolt tightening), leaving a nicely short list to urgent things to do.

We even found time to get a heap of tamping done too, until the tamper went out in protest! Easy fix, but certainly a Monday job.

Check back Monday for details of Tuesday.

One thought on “Ticking things off the list

  1. Well done team on these important track works. With all the sleeper work, and rail upgrades, what has the line ride quality seen as a result?????


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