Bridge Tidying and Propping

We spent today propping up a pile at Muckleford Creek Bridge, the pile in question has needed lifting for some time, however the track above was level and the pile solid.

With all the recent rain the ground is now saturated and the pile was starting to settle under load, indicating the Sill is failing and hence not being adequately supported.

So we’ve looked up the plans and installed a temporary ground levek Sill to help prevent it getting any worse, until the ground dries out enough to repair it (and given that this pile is due for renewal in February anyhow, this fix will be more than adequate until then).

We also removed all the debris from around the bridge, washed down in the rains.

We then moved onto Winters Flat, to again remove debris. We’ve cleared what we can without swimming and we’re investigating ways of getting to the rest, however now that we’ve cleared what we have it’s unlikely to cause much issue in the rain predicted this weekend.

Thursday is looking wet, but we’ve been fooled before! So we’ll still planning on working, drilling and standing dog spikes. Meeting at Maldon at 7.45am, then out near Sawmill Rd Bridge from 8.15am.

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