The aftermath

As always following a good storm, we had a tree decide to join us on the ground, but thankfully that was quite easily fixed.

A full patrol including testing of all flashing lights etc… was undertaken this morning. We’ve escaped very lightly, with this being the worst issue, a few trees piled up against Winters Flat Bridge. Until the water subsides, we won’t be able to remove the trees, however no damage has been caused.

The whole district lost power when water flooded into the Castlemaine substation, however thankfully flood water receded much quick that expected and we haven’t run into any trouble with the power being out for an extended time.

The flow at Muckleford Creek reached places it hadn’t for a very long time, and would appear to have saturated some of the usually very dry areas. The saturation has led to one pile settling a little further, around 6mm (when under load, we made use of the T class doing another of its test runs) more than previously, so we’ve placed a temporary speed restriction over the bridge until it dries out enough next week to get in and place some additional packing in to level the bridge back up. It’s really just routine maintenance and a result of some very very wet ground!

We’re extremely fortunate that these were our only issues out on the track, all very easily fixed.

Next week’s workdays will be a little all over the place, as there’s a few things that we need to tend to, so please check back Monday night for details of Tuesday.

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