Tangent 10-11

We’ve now completed tangent 10-11, with the remaining 5 lengths installed today.

Only a small crew of 4 today, so an excellent effort.

We’ve now got the bolting up down to a fine art, using the digger to perfectly align the rails and ensure everything goes together by hand.

Only one joint required triming to work in with the concrete sleepers, so that saved some time. We had the 5 lengths in and clipped up just on lunch time, a total of 205m of rerailing.

We had to juggle a bit of rail to get a neat closure unfortunately, which is only about the 2nd time in the past two months we’ve had to do so, just luck more than anything regarding where the joints fall, as although they’re nominally unit lengths, in reality it’s not quite the case.

The afternoon was spent removing screws and anchors from the high leg of Curve 10, we’re well over half way through that, so if we get a few people tomorrow and the weather holds out, we might even get a decent bit of rerailing completed.

Tomorrow we’ll meet on site from 8.15am, it’s now easiest to come in from Sawmill Road and under the bridge.

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