Track inspection part 2

What started a little gloomy turned into a nice day. For the remainder of the inspection we started at Castlemaine and headed through to Muckleford.

A few loose bolts but only a handful were found on the whole inspection.

Only a few minor gauge faults were found, which is always nice.

The main faults were at the concrete sleepers on the 60lb, none were critical, but we’ve installed outer biscuits at each fault as a safeguard.

The only other issue was some wide gauge in Castlemaine Yard which, given we won’t get to resleepeeing in the immediate future, we’ve crossbored it back to gauge to tide us over.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Ballarat doing a little work on Steamrail’s Turntable there, it’s only a very small job and doesn’t require many hands, but you’re welcome to join, meeting at the old Ballarat East Station area around 10am.

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