Muckleford Creek

Earlier this week, the replacement pile for 28L was prepared and the old pile excavated ready for a changeover today.

Before long the old was out and we were about ready to put the new in.

A little fine tune was required on one shoulder, but nothing major. The photos make it appear the bridge is floating in mid air, however some heavy duty props are just out of sight doing all the work.

Termite protection was installed around the base of both this pile and last week’s pile, to help slow down any unwelcome visitors. We don’t have a massive termite problem, but we could if we don’t keep on top of the treatment.

Once backfilled and tidied up it looked quite presentable.

Once a few holes were drilled, bolts installed and a benchmark had been completed it was job done!

The next job was the replacement of another failed crosshead, 24D (the down side crosshead of the 24th pier). Although not technically failed yet, it’s days were numbered, so we did the exchange.

The heavy lifting is all done with the digger, however the hardest part is getting the old bolts out, which was probably the longest part of this job.

We’re not quite finished fastening this crosshead up, so that’ll be tomorrow morning’s job. Meeting at Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.30am.

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