Muckleford Creek Bridge

Well it’s Feb and we’re into bridge work. The first job being the replacement of the two down abutment piles.

The peace and tranquillity of Muckleford Valley was broken once we arrived with the gear to tackle the job.

The first job, was the preparation of the replacement pile, marking it out square and cutting the shoulders.

While all that marking out excitement was going on, excavation around the existing pile was undertaken. We’re now past the point of replacing failed piles and we’re replacing undersized, but otherwise still functioning piles, they’re now getting on for 30 years these and still in good condition, which given their rather narrow diameter is pretty good.

Thankfully once excavated, the sill was found to be in good condition, which reduces the works a little.

Lots of adzing, cutting, planning and drilling and the new pile is ready for installation tomorrow.

They look very pretty all freshly cut, it does seem a shame to go and stick them in the ground.

We’ll also be replacing one of the crossheads while we’re at it tomorrow, as it’s certainly a little worse for wear and best done as part of these works while we’ve got easy access.

Meeting on site at Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.30am tomorrow.

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