Turnout works

A slightly delayed update from Friday’s works.

Further works dropping out turnout materials and aligning everything to the turntable used up the day comfortably.

Lots of final tweaking of abutment timbers, timber spacings and alignment was undertaken, before placing the rails.

Thankfully the turnout we’re using was a complete turnout we disassembled from Dynon some years ago, so it was just a case of rebuild the jigsaw to get the bits in the right places.

Very roughly dropped out turnout bits, doesn’t quite look right yet, but it’s certainly giving the idea of what’s about to happen.

By day’s end it was all starting to take shape. We’ve still got a bit to go in getting the table aligned perfectly, unfortunately the table isn’t quite as dead straight as it was when built many years ago, so lots of trial and error comes into play ensuring everything is lined up perfectly when the table’s turned either way. But we’ll get there.

Next week will be more work here, hopefully seeing the straight legs of the turnout fastened down. Tuesday, meeting at Castlemaine from 8.30am.

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