Castlemaine Yard

The great wall of Castlemaine part 2! Although not truly an extension of the wall, rather just more posts to offer the waste water treatment some protection. However given that we learnt all those skills building the first wall, we fell into muscle memory for this one.

Basically a very straight forward rail post fence that’ll have a bottom kick rail to help define the different areas and a simple top rail to cap it off. We’ve done all but the top rail so far, and depending on the final levels, we might even add another longitudinal rail along part of it to help divert rain water run off away.

Here John shows us he has still got a good feel for the rail saw, although a short wall, still a good few cuts were required today.

In the afternoon we did another test move into the carriage shed, with the longest available carriage pushed around the curves and into the shed to just confirm everything was okay – it was!

That’s put a close to our Castlemaine works for 2020, next week will see lineside mowing early in the week, followed by odd jobs and a breakup day on Thursday.

One thought on “Castlemaine Yard

  1. Great work as usual. Glad your achieving great track work. Sad to see you’re a year behind schedule, only finishing your 2020 schedule at end of 2021. Keep up the great work, most impressive.


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