Odd Jobs

Today was another day of odd jobs. Primarily running the little digger through to Castlemaine for next week, however we made use of the run to jack and tamp a few more minor geometry faults. We tackled two main areas, one being the UP end of Muckleford Yard through to the crossing, this has been bad forever and a day, but looks and rides a treat now! The other being the up side of Midland Hwy.

Among the other odd jobs was an hour or so of breaking up 60lb rail, and a heap of bolt tightening on Winters Flat Bridge. Really done as a play for the battery rattle gun, it proved so successful, that we just kept going until we were out of charged batteries. This little machine has already revolutionised the way we can deal with bolts. Between the track and bridges, there are a lot of bolts, so the easy lightweight rattle gun quickly results in massive reductions in back breaking work!

Next week should see the remainder of the workshop track completed in Castlemaine. The plan is to meet at Castlemaine from 8.15am on Tuesday, however it is possible the earthworks might not quite be finished in time, so check back Monday night to confirm.

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