Job Done

A very successful day, with the rest of the drilling and spiking completed, 32 concrete sleepers installed and a couple of significant dips removed.

Hours of fun was had drilling and spiking, however the few extra bodies and better weather meant the job was completed before morning tea.

This length of track is looking quite smart now.

The well practised art of clipping up concrete sleepers was put to good use. With the crew hot on the tail of the digger.

After tamping up the new sleepers, removing some significant dips and giving the ballast a push around with the bucket, it certainly looks like a very nice, solid length of railway. The ride along this section in the digger is excellent, which although not a train, is indicative that trains should ride well.

Next week we’ll be having a change of pace, Tuesday we’ll be back at Maclise St. Finishing off some of work there, not a lot still outstanding but we’ve still got a bit of tidy up to go. Meeting there from 8.30am.

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