Well… we didn’t expect to do as well as we did!

Once we got onto it and into a rhythm, it became very obvious we were going to finish the straight well before lunch. So we promptly got into pulling apart the low leg of the curve.

Before too long the new rail was in and bolted up, with the clipping up not too far behind. Today saw us install another 340m of 94lb, taking this week’s total to around 700m. If we could keep up this pace we’d knock the re-railing over in no time.

If you can believe it, we even managed to fluke the junctions back to the 60lb being almost exactly square, only about 1 inch different, which is more than acceptable. Normally one of the new rails needs cutting or tweaking to achieve this, but using a slightly different combination of closures we achieved this without any unnecessary cutting.

We even found the time to collect the jewellery and install some speed signs to keep the train speeds down until we can get back and give a few bits that need it a good jack and tamp.

We’ll be back here on Tuesday, to begin installing sleeper plates and dogspikes. Meeting Maldon 8am or out on site from 8.30am.

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