Ballasting part 2

Not a lot in the way of pictures to show for today, but very successful.

We did run into some trouble with a couple of the wagons, one had doors which didn’t always want to close, good fun when you’re trying to be precise! And another that just didn’t work at all.

However some trackside mechanical repairs and we’d emptied one wagon and exchanged parts with the failed one to get it up and running like a new one.

All in all it went very well.

Most of the afternoon was spent trying to remove the last of the well stuck rock from inside the wagons, unlike the small wagons you can’t just lean over the edge and give the rock a poke, we found that a variety of speeds, up and down hills breaking and accelerating was the best method to free the stuck rock, hence the push pull train seen here.

It was very successful few days and we’re extremely grateful to Bendigo Rail Workshops, SSR, V/Line and ONRSR for allowing this movement to occur – a massive boost for our little railway.

Next week’s workdays will be announced Monday afternoon, once we’ve safely got these wagons back on the mainline and onwards to Bendigo.

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