Castlemaine Yard

Today was a ballast and tamp day.

The ballast train was cautiously pushed back over the new track, ready for the rock drop. Once again the first rail vehicle over the new track was Daylesford’s ballast plough!

After a good 1.5 wagon loads of rock was dropped out and a good few hours of jacking and tamping, it came up looking more like a mainline than a siding!

The very norther end of the loco shed track never quite got ballasted and tamped previously, so to do that, we dragged out the carriage currently living in there during its refurbishment, Acheron. What better place to store it than on our new section of track! No pics of the work inside the shed unfortunately, but it’s all done now.

At days end, we’d completed all we’d set out to do, which was no small amount of work! This section of track can now be filled up to reform the roadway,

Check back Wednesday night for details of Thursday.

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