Maclise St

Following on from the drainage works on Tuesday, we’ve made a start on re-sleepering the approaches to Maclise St.

On the up side of the crossing, 16 concrete sleepers have been installed.

On the Down side 33 were installed, coming quite some distance from crossing to effectively give us a long stretch of 1 in 2 concretes. This section here still had a high number of sleepers from when it was still part of the Maryborough line, so the opportunity was taken to replace the majority of those.

We raced through the standard sleeper insertions, so we spent the afternoon digging out the fouled ballast beside the roadway.

Thankfully once we removed the top layer of fouled material, very clean, firm ballast and road-based was discovered. We’ve taken the opportunity to complete remove the shoulder ballast, which just here was largely sand and silt.

Once dug out, 100% replacement of the sleepers was undertaken. We’re yet to apply the fresh ballast and tamp everything up, but we had to leave something for tomorrow. Next week once we can have the track leads removed, we’ll continue this treatment through the insulated joints to where the 1 in 2 concrete sleepers start.

We’ve still got a bit to do on site tomorrow, meeting at Maclise St. From 8.30am.

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