Tidying Up and Works Train

Sorry, been bit slow on the blog entries this week. However that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting idle.

Yesterday’s main task was tidying up the jewellery along the recently re-railed section, with the task of sorting etc…. taking most of the morning. While out there we also completed the anchoring of the curve, a nice job to have behind us with the weather warming up.

After lunch, a run out to the gas pipeline was made with the flail mower and chainsaw to reduce the rather overgrown shrubbery and small trees that have started close to the track in these good wet seasons.

We’re certainly not clearing all the foliage, but basically two flail mower strip’s to help ensure some fire break and help keep the side drains clear.

Today’s job focused on moving sleepers and rail out to Maclise St. However the opportunity of a loco at Muckleford and a flail mower at the ready, was too good to pass up.

So with the yard cleared we set about tidying up all the long grass, that’s now been a few years worth of growth. You can tell it’s going to be a fairly intense mowing season when things are getting quite overgrow in early October!

Once Muckleford had been tidied, a train load of sleepers and rail were discharged trackside at Maclise St level crossing ready for the rebuild there in a fortnight. While there a bit of re-arranging, tidying, weedspraying and housekeeping was undertaken, all in aid of making the job that little bit easier.

Next week will largely be focused on Maclise St. No formal workday on Monday, Tuesday will see another works train to transfer some rolling stock around the railway, while Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we’ll be busy at Maclise St.. check back the day prior for meeting times and places.

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