Curve 21

Another very successful day today, with 103 concrete sleepers inserted into Curve 21. It’s a little hard to tell, but we started at the whistle post in the distance and finished right where the truck is parked, certainly more than half the curve is completed now.

It was done in the same style as per previous, however this time we left about 1 in 4 timber spiked up to help with gauge and line, then the usual jacking of the track so the big concrete sleepers sat at the same height as the old timber sleepers, with the rails now sitting several inches higher. We did loose the line of the curve a little, but that was easily returned with a push or two from the digger.

Hopefully on Monday we’ll get a train load of ballast over this and we can then work through and get a nice smooth top to the curve.

Tomorrow is looking wet wet wet, so there won’t be a workday, however we should have something on Monday and Tuesday next week.

2 thoughts on “Curve 21

  1. Another magnificent effort team.
    I would like to ask if there’s anything posted anywhere that shows the route of the line from Castlemaine to Maldon, and has highlighted or otherwise shown which parts have;
    – been upgraded with concrete sleepers,
    – been upgraded from 60lb rail,
    – both,
    – any other upgraded portions not above, and with a date known.

    I ask, as the blog here of works showing all this effort, I’d appreciate a line map that puts some context to all this good work, and also gives an idea of what’s left to do with your indication as to remaining portions needing x,y, or z, and also what resources the railway has/is seeking to action those areas?
    Figured I’d ask, as that helps appreciate all your effort that little bit more.


    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for comment.
      Unfortunately no there isn’t is the short answer – we of course do this in our detailed records etc… but not in a simple document outlining the achievements thus far and upcoming works.
      But I think you raise a very good idea and when we get enough wet days, I think we’ll try to produce such a ‘line guide’.


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