It was just one big day of driving spikes!

All of the recently re-railed section, had spike holes drilled and spikes driven today, which was a lot of drilling, spiking and walking.

We started near Brown Street, working down hill to Winters Flat.

We had at least two drills on the go, sometimes three, the power pack unit, which proved very effective, and a couple of standard hand drills. It’s a lot of holes and in this not new timber it certainly saw us go through a few augers.

Following that was a parade of spike droppers, spike standers and spike starters.

This allowed the spike driver to have a clear run to chase along behind.

By day’s end every spike was in and driven home, with only a few failed timber now remaining to be changed tomorrow for concrete.

A final tamp to ensure everything is supporting the rail adequately will happen over the next week or so, which will allow us to remove the temporary speed restriction.

Tomorrow we’ll again be meeting at Brown St Ped Crossing, around 8.15am.

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