27 failed timber sleepers were replaced with concrete today. There’s around that again to do in the section re-railed this week before we go through and fasten all the timber down.

This was the little digger’s first proper go on this re-railing job, with everything up to now being the domain of the big fella.

These replacements are having the effect of bringing the number of concrete sleepers up to better than an average of 1 in 3, with quite a few 1 in 2 concretes now in the track.

We’ve even put up the speed restriction boards, just visible right at the end of the bridge.

Lots of tamping took place this afternoon, with all the new sleepers packed, any significant dips corrected and any timber sleepers not supporting the rail squeezed up to offer some load bearing.

Next week we’ll be back here, replacing the remaining sleepers, installing sleeper plates and starting to fasten them down. Meeting on Tuesday, Maldon at 7.45am or from 8.30am near Brown St. Pedestrian Xing.

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