Castlemaine and Re-railing

Well, we achieved our goal in a very timely manner today, with the track up to the current compound gates completed, and now in use. It’ll be used as storage for some time until we get around to completing the pit and in turn connecting the track up to the turntable.

Shortly the compound gates will be moved, enabling all these items to be stored under lock and key hopefully reducing the graffiti attacks.

But as we had finished that well before lunch, we came up with a cunning plan to capitalise on the lockdown….

With no trains running for another week (at least), we’ve set about unfastening the old 60lb rail on the Down Side of Winters Flat Bridge, ready to start re-railing with the 80lb that’s been sitting there for over 6 months just begging to be put to use.

We’ve pulled most of the fastenings, removed anchors and planned our works for the next week.

We’ll be running workdays everyday next week. With Monday starting at Maldon at 7.30, then at Castlemaine Yard around 8.15am to load up a bit of gear before getting out to site ( Winters Flat Bridge) around 8.30am to start work. Keep an eye on the blog for details of start times and locations, but it’ll generally be 8.30 around Winters Flat.

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