Odd jobs

As with all things, some jobs get put on the back burner while major projects like Castlemaine and Bendigo Rd Lights are on the boil.

However today saw the odd job list reduced a little.

First adjustment of the down end turnout at Muckleford, it wasn’t quite throwing correctly and the locking was all out of adjustment, meaning was locking fine, but wouldn’t always unlock correctly.

Anyhow, an hour or and lots of blokes watching one bloke work and it was all fixed!

While the big digger was on hand, we had a crack at lining the dock road turnout at Muckleford. Since about 1996 it’s looked a bit like this, at an odd angle.

So we set about pushing and shoving until we’d achieved something more desirable.

Still a million and one wiggles that we could remove, but on the whole, it looks much more appropriate now. This work is beyond the little digger but this one just take it in its stride.

We then did a very through track patrol over the 60lb, to make sure our watch points from last inspection hadn’t degraded, with one exception, which is only a very minor issue, nothing has got significantly worse. However the timber sleepers are really starting to age during this wet year. This was also a planning exercise for the re-railing we’re hoping to start in a few weeks.

Last job of the day was to reinstate this speed sign, which we’d completely overlooked re-installing after the rail recovery effort.

Tuesday will likely be a works train, delivering more material to Castlemaine for the next little bit of work later in the week. Meeting Maldon 7.30am or Castlemaine from 8.15am (head straight to Castlemaine unless you need a lift from Maldon).

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