Castlemaine Yard

Now that we’ve got the Takeuchi back in action, we’ve caught up with a backlog of tamping jobs. The little digger has been out having some basic maintenance the last few weeks – amazing what difference a full service and fixing those minor little niggles does, it’s like a new one again!

The first job today was completing the trackwork into the loco shed, only a few bolt holes needed drilling and about 15 sleepers were clipped up. It still needs a final line, but until we get some ballaet on it, it’ll keep springing back to where it seems happiest.

We’ve ballast , jacked and tamped this track only as far as this, as we ran out of easily accessible gravel, so we turned our attention to all the other new trackwork still in need of a tamp.

The new turnout and turntable approach has received the full treatment, now looking very smart.

Although we didn’t get a photo, we did also jack and tamp the 3 siding extension track we built a month or so ago.

We’ll be back here tomorrow from 8.15am, we’ve still got lots to do, with a lot of mess needing tidying, lots of timber sleepers to bundle up and hopefully we can get more of the loco shed track tamped up too.

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