Castlemaine Yard

Excellent progress was made today, with the West track of the loco shed almost connected up.

Another cool morning, with the section ahead our aim for the day.

After digging out the makeshift roadway, exposing and removing all the clips on the inside of the curve, we set about slewing the track to its new home.

Initially it wasn’t overly interested in moving from its rather solid state, the gravel we used as ballast through here sets like concrete and takes a bit to disturbe. But once we got movement, it all came across without a hassle – the big digger really comes into its own doing this stuff.

For some reason, the loose rail popped out of its home, but that was neither here nor there, easily returned home with the digger. This is essentially the new alignment of the track, we did tweak it a little and no doubt we will again.

Once it place, closure rails were cut in, leaving only drilling, bolting together and clipping to go to have it connected.

It’s all looking very much like it should, pointing in the right places with appropriate curves etc… once done it’ll look very nice. The existing track to the left has not yet been moved to it’s new alignment, however it shows how far we did slew the track in the process.

Another very successful week.

Bendigo Rd has also seen a bit more action this week, with the fencing installed.

We’re hoping the installation of the lights and commissioning thereof is only a few weeks away now!

There won’t be a workday next Tuesday, however check back closer to Thursday and Friday to see what we’re up to.

One thought on “Castlemaine Yard

  1. Will and team. Great work again.
    Interesting to see the extent of fencing at Bendigo rd. Many years ago we got pinged by the council when we put in a single panel at each of those locations to improve crossing visibility. They said we needed to apply and pay for a fencing permit so we took them down instead.


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